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Instead of glass, the back's made of a 3D polymer glass that isn't as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass. The processor is a slightly punier Snapdragon chip. There's also only a single megapixel camera on the back and an 8-megapixel camera on the front. The rear camera does slow-motion capture, but doesn't record timelapses. The back camera also doesn't have any of the aforementioned AI-infused shooting modes the Moto G6 has.

The only feature the Moto G6 Play has that's seemingly better than its pricier brother is battery life. Motorola crammed a 4, mAh battery into this phone, which the company claims will give it up to 36 hours of mixed usage same as the Moto G6.

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The final prices determined by wireless carriers. The lower pricing does mean less performance across the board. There's also a headphone jack. On the back, you'll find a megapixel camera and on the front there's an 8-megapixel shooter with LED flash. The E5 Play is the weakest of the new Motorola phones. The screen is a smaller 5.

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On the bright side, the battery is removable. Yes, I was just shocked to see this on a phone. The removable back cover also means the phone's made of plastic.

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I'd complain about how mediocre these specs are, but if the phone's as cheap as the previous E4's were, then, well, you get what you pay for. They're usable phones by standards, but they're obviously not in the same class as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or even a OnePlus phone. All four of Motorola's new phones appear to be solid budget Android phones. That means features like the dual cameras on the G6 and better performance for the E5's. The lower resolution combined with the big 5. Performance has been mostly great on the Moto G6. Multitasking in split-screen mode works just fine too, as does using Google Maps in picture-in-picture mode while using other applications.

Everything starts to slow down when gaming.

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Performance is only an issue if you play games. For everything else, both Moto Gs will perform just fine.

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Gaming performance is a bit laggy too. Both phones in this review have 32GB of storage. Thankfully, all models come with a microSD card slot for an extra GB of storage if you need it. Call quality has been just fine on both models. I noticed switching phone calls to speakerphone mode results in a bit of lag, though.

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Speaking of speakers heh , both the G6 and Play have a single front-firing speaker above the display. The 4,mAh battery, coupled with the low-res screen, means the phone will last two days on a single charge — easily. There were a few days I even went to bed with 75 percent charge left, which is fantastic.

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About one out of every three or four portrait shots produces good results. On the plus side, you can adjust the amount of background blur before and after you take your photo, and change the focus subject after the fact. Photos taken with the 8MP front-facing shooter are surprisingly good. All the main controls are easily accessible with one hand, and switching between menus or different modes is as easy as swiping left or right.

Ever since the Lenovo acquisition, software updates from Motorola have been extremely late. It took Motorola days to roll out Android Oreo to its first phone, the Moto Z2 Force , which already ran a near-stock Android experience. The company is even okay with launching a phone it says will never receive a major software update.

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Motorola makes one of the best versions of Android out there. These are all super handy, and I use them just about every day. On the Moto G6, you can even eliminate the traditional three navigation buttons in favor of fingerprint sensor gestures. Just press and hold the notification, and you can dismiss it, archive it, or reply right from that ambient screen.

The Moto G6 and G6 Play are no different.

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The Moto G line is known for striking that perfect balance between quality and compromise, and these phones are no different. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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