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The device can keep going for two workdays even when browsing the web continuously. This means that users with average needs should even get three or four days out of the phone before having to recharge. The smartphone can also be taken on a day trip without worrying about it being fully charged.

The LG X power3 does well in its core discipline but has nonetheless been surpassed by some of its competitors. At least it is equipped with a fast-charging AC adapter that recharges the device in about 1.

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Whether you're searching for basic cell phones, state-of-the-art smartphones or something in between, it's all at your fingertips. Designed for the way you live, LG​. Get long -lasting usage with the mega capacity mAh battery. QuickCharge​™ charges your device faster—giving you less time to wait and more time to.

The LG X power3 could almost be described as a retro smartphone. Its aspect ratio is very unusual nowadays. But this is not necessarily a disadvantage - after all, most video content still has a ratio, which most smartphones have to compensate for by adding black strips at the sides. Still, the screen would need to be brighter and have a better contrast ratio to be considered good. Blues also appear rather undersaturated on it. The device can offer a slightly higher performance than its predecessor, but the battery capacity has not changed so the X power3 is more or less on par with its predecessor.

At least the fingerprint reader makes the smartphone more up to date while the Most of the newest features currently found on the smartphone market have not been implemented in the LG X power3. The LG X power3 is a decent update of the LG X power, although it has failed to keep up with developments in terms of battery runtimes.

At least LG has chosen a decent starting price for this version. If you are interested in a smartphone that will keep going for as long as possible but doesn't have to look particularly modern, the LG X power3 might be the right phone for you. Mediatek MT LG homepage LG notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. LG X power3. Connectivity — finally more storage for the LG phone. GPS Test indoors.

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GPS Test outdoors. GPS Garmin Edge — overview. GPS Garmin Edge — roundabout. GPS Garmin Edge — bridge. Telephone and Call Quality — not particularly loud. Cameras — phone camera for occasional snapshots. Photo taken with front camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. OnePlus 5T.

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Battery Accessories. Good-as-new quality, guaranteed. You'll be back dancing in the streets in no time. Internal storage:. The X Power 2 comes pre-loaded with Android Nougat 7. The bloatware apps unnecessary apps that come with this phone can't be unnistaled due to unavailable root access. From the home screen, swipe to and tap the Tools folder.

Apple iPhone XS Max. Olympus E-M10 II. Photograph of ColorChecker colors: The bottom half of each box displays the original color.

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Photograph of test chart. Detail of test chart. Accessories and Warranty — headset included. LG offers 24 months of warranty on its smartphones.

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Keyboard landscape mode. Keyboard portrait mode. Display — rather dark. Subpixel array. X-Rite i1Pro 2. CalMAN grayscales. CalMAN color accuracy.

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CalMAN color space. CalMAN saturation. Outdoor use. Viewing angles. Performance — faster than before but still slow. Geekbench 4. Games — very light gaming. Angry Birds 2. Temple Run 2. Emissions — the LG X power3 heats up.

LG X Power Review

The smartphone only heats up slightly while idling. Power Supply max. Heat map front. Heat map back. Speaker test Pink Noise. Battery Life — good stamina. It kept its 1. In comparison to other devices, the X Power 2 is still in last place when it comes to specs — though of course, implementation is also important when it comes to performance, which is more difficult to qualify.

But based on clock speeds and cores alone, the X Power 2 sits behind the octa-core 1. The X Power 2 comes pre-loaded with Android Nougat 7.

LG X power3 Smartphone Review – retro design and a large battery

Bloatware is manageable, though there are a fair amount of preloaded apps tucked into folders. Unfortunately, this is one of the critical elements of a handset for me — and for many. The fact that indoor photos come out soft, dark and prone to blur is less than ideal, as is its tendency to blown out photos in areas of direct, bright light.

Long last the LG X Power 2. The LG X Power 2 stayed true to its roots and focused on battery, delivering a market-leading lifespan coupled with improved performance. Explore more. Media Streaming. All Cameras. Digital Camcorders. Latest Gaming. Pre-Order Games. All Video Games. All Wearable Tech. Bluetooth Item Trackers. Virtual Reality. Portable Power. Battery Back-Up Power. Battery Accessories. Business Monitors. Office Software.