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After all, you need to have a backup in the event the app does not work or you face any problems. A proactive customer support team can go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction. The app can be used for enforcing parental control on digital devices. It can also block ads on the target device and will protect children from cyberbullying too. However, iKeyMonitor has its own share of disadvantages. First, the app is slightly pricier when compared to the other spy apps in the market.

Secondly, the iKeyMonitor iOS app requires jailbreaking to work properly.

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This can make it difficult to set up and use the app. The app can also help you extract data from a damaged iOS device. You can use the app to access photos and videos on the target device. It is also possible to track social media messages and multimedia files. However, despite all these features, PhoneSpector has been criticized for their customer care.

The iPhone spyware does not function as advertised several times. If you need a hassle-free iPhone spy app no jailbreak solution, Spyic and Cocospy might be better choices. These apps are seamless to set up and will get you up and running in no time. The monitoring is done remotely and there is no need to install any app on the target device. You will be able to see messages for free without software installation. SMS Peeper has several shortcomings, though. You will not be able to see all SMS messages on the target device. Further, you cannot see any messages that have been deleted.

You can also see the timestamps which show when a message was sent or received.

It is also possible to see who sent the message to know whom the target is in touch with. Appmia is a spyware app for iPhone. Using this app, you can get real-time access to all data on the target phone from your laptop, phone or tablet. The app also claims to help you record ambient sounds in the vicinity of the target phone. However, one of the major problems with Appmia is that it is too complex to use, especially for first-time users.

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You will need to jailbreak or root the target device first which is a technically involved process. It will also take some time to master. Without jailbreaking the target device, you will not be able to use all the advanced features of Appmia. Spybubble claims that it allows you to track Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat messages.

However, once you install the iPhone spy app, you will note that Facebook monitoring does not function as advertised. You can track the GPS location and set geofencing alerts. Spybubble will not work unless the target iOS device has been jailbroken. You will first need to jailbreak the system before setting the app up.

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FlexiSpy is among the top spy apps for cell phone monitoring. The app Spyic has all the basic features that you would expect from an iPhone spy software. Best iPhone Tracking Apps? Do not worry we will be showing you a list tracking yours or your family's movements using a mobile device is You can do this either by investing heavily in software that offers comprehensive tracking Apple iPhone XS Troubleshooting ยท Apple iPhone XR Troubleshooting.

Only if you are satisfied with using the limited features is there no need to jailbreak. The app does not have some other features too that it claims to support. It largely depends on the updates and the iOS and app versions. Some users have also reported that Spybubble is easy to detect, which defies the whole purpose of tracking in the first place. Spyic and Cocospy work in a very discreet manner in what is called 'Stealth mode'. Here, the app is not installed on iOS devices at all and no physical access to the device is needed.

Therefore, the target does not detect that his activities are being tracked. The ideal iPhone spy app is one that is cloud-based and does not need any physical access to the target iOS device. The spy apps marketplace is laden with several options to choose from. We saw the 10 best iPhone spy software in this article and the pros and cons of each. Spyic and Cocospy, overall, are great choices for monitoring an iPhone in stealth mode. You need nothing more than a browser to monitor the app activities online. No installation is essential. He loves to write on different topics.

In free time, he likes to travel and explore the different parts of the world. You can follow him on Facebook. Love Tech Times? Let's Keep in Touch! There are various ways. We talk about them later in this article. First, you need to know how tracking works. Someone could track your device at the network level.

This could be your carrier or a hacker who has managed to infiltrate the network. Network-level tracking is impossible to detect, unfortunately. All you can do is get a new carrier. These apps then send out the data to a server, which forward it to the hacker. There are also hacking devices like the IMSI catcher. They can intercept all the data being sent from or received on your phone. Now you know how the methods hackers use to trace your iPhone. But how do you know if your phone is being targeted?

Here are 6 common signs to look out for:. If your phone has been infiltrated, it may begin to behave strangely. There could be constant slowdowns, for example.

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The phone could crash intermittently. It may light up and make strange noises even when not in use. Spyware apps are very resource-intensive.

They constantly run in the background and require a ton of juice to operate. If your battery drains too quickly or heats up uncharacteristically, it could be a spyware app draining it dry.

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Constantly tracking and uploading your location coordinates requires data. If you notice strange spikes in data usage, a tracking app could be the cause. Tracking apps are usually a part of a larger spyware suite. They are capable of not just tracking your location, but also monitoring your calls.

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It could be a tracking app you were tricked into installing. Tracking apps often disguise themselves as harmless games or entertainment apps. If you spot suspicious ones, chances are a tracking app has been installed on your phone. From the symptoms above, you should be able to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone.

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But who could it be? The vast majority of commercially available iPhone spyware requires the device to be Jailbroken in order to function. Jailbreaking is the process of un-restricting the device so that 3rd party applications that have not been approved by Apple e.

This is a more thorough removal method. You should perform a backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud before doing a factory reset so that you can restore all of your personal data again when finished. It is worth noting that although the steps above will stop spyware from working and ensure that your device is no longer being monitored, some remnants of the spy app may still remain on the device.

This is because some parts of the spy app are backed-up when you perform a backup of your device to iTunes or iCloud. When you restore from this backup, you are also restoring the parts of the spy app that were backed-up, although they will no longer function. As such, if you re-scan the device with Certo iPhone after performing the removal steps it may still detect these remnants of spyware.

If you would rather completely clean your device and start afresh with a blank device, then we recommend you perform a factory reset but do not restore from a backup.