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So, if you would click on a notification while using a different app, the feature will allow you to reply to the notification then and there without taking you to a separate app. Quick Reply brings a floating window of the messaging app, i.

Xiaomi and Three.

Xiaomi users can retain the window, resize, or close it. The Xiaomi phone will shift to Dark Mode. Other than that, you would be able to allow only a certain number of apps while the power saving mode is active. In order to improve the productivity of users, Xiaomi has overhauled the file manager app by introducing thumbnails of files based on the file type.

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Submit Review. If someone has the new joy cons and can send me the hex code for body color and buttons color it would be helpful. Root the Microsoft Lumia simply with Kingo Root. Time for an upgrade? Honor 20 Pro, outdoor color, slightly warm color rendering. With the flash switched off, target exposure can be slightly low, but detail retention is pretty good and color rendering remains pleasant.

The highlight of the new file manager app is that you can view documents without needing any extra software. Xiaomi has also added Task functionality under the To-Do app and users can access the created tasks just by right-swiping on the home screen.

However, the highlight of the feature is that the sounds are not uniform. Using an AI mechanism, the Xioami or Redmi device produces produce a different tone every time when a new message is received.

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While the dark mode was available to users in MIUI 11, it was available on a few devices. Moreover, the dark mode in MIUI 11 is more eye-pleasing since the removal of additional colors, bars, lines, and boxes. Users can find the dark mode in Display settings in their Xiaomi devices. As for portrait mode, the smartphone struggled to tell the subject from the background and consequently, parts of my hair were also blurred in the shot.

The 48MP mode, on the other hand, works as advertised and it betters the details in a scene by a considerable amount. While the handset clicked decent photos for the most part, there was considerable lens flaring in the shots. Lowering the exposure does help keep a lid on the issue, but it also results in the overall scene turning much darker.

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For the price, the phone offers reliable performance, good cameras, stunning design and much, much more which should make it an easy recommendation. While the Redmi K20 is a good phone, the cheaper Realme X review , which is a stellar handset in its own right, comes across as better value for money. Given its pricing, the Redmi K20 gets squeezed between cheaper rivals like the Realme X, and its own Pro series sibling, making it difficult for me to recommend it wholeheartedly. Expert Rating 3.

Dual core, 2. Simply turn the phone from one side to another to capture the whole group, no selfie stick required.

The The impressive To provide the full screen bezel-less view, the Redmi K20 Pro integrates an in-display fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock your phone in a faster, smarter and more secure way. Important notifications come to you via a subtle yet practical red notification light located on top of the smartphone.

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Unlock your phone with a single glance using the 20MP Pop-up camera. The graceful yet contemplative design comes to life once light hits it. The 3D curvature weighs just g fitting comfortably in the hand offering an incredibly smooth feel. The 4 corners have been further reinforced to protect the screen. The high-capacity battery along with fast charging allows you to use your phone for work and play uninterrupted. The Dual Band GPS feature offers improved tracking accuracy even when signal interferences are aplenty. Mi A2 Lite From 16, Redmi K20 From 39, Redmi 8A From 11, Redmi 8 From 14, Redmi Note 8 Pro From 26,