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The notches are also not the same. The G7 uses a waterdrop style notch while the G7 Power has the more typical style notch. This is due to the placement of the earpiece: The G7 Power incorporates it into the notch, whereas the G7 pushes the earpiece to the outer bezel. From an aesthetics and functionality standpoint, I prefer the waterdrop.

It looks nicer and gives you slightly more screen real estate. Colors look good and so do viewing angles. My only issue with both of these displays is the brightness. Lack of brightness aside, I have no complaints.

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In regular everyday use, both phones felt the same and performed just fine. The Moto G7 and G7 Power are more than capable enough to handle average tasks like browsing the web, scrolling through social media, launching apps, and watching YouTube in a smooth fashion.

There were no issues with lag or crashes. Clash Royale , a game that I play quite frequently, was frustrating to play.

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It lagged fairly often on both the G7 and G7 Power despite not being very graphically demanding. This is especially true for the G7 Power. Motorola claims up to three days of battery life on a single charge. I got anywhere between five to six hours of screen-on time on a daily basis. This is more than enough to comfortably make it to the late night hours on any given day. Front camera:. The cameras are fine for how much these phones cost. Motorola's camera app doesn't offer too many exciting features, but its simplistic nature makes it easy to use.

Switching between photo and video mode is as simple as swiping left or right on the viewfinder. Swiping all the way to the left reveals all of the cameras shooting modes. You have options such as panorama, portrait, cinemagraph, slow-motion video, time-lapse, and the ability to broadcast live direct to YouTube. The Moto G7 has the better camera of the two. The G7 also boasts a depth sensor.

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A wider aperture means slightly better low light performance and much better-looking portrait mode photos. Having a depth sensor also allows the Moto G7 to refocus and adjust the background blur after the fact. Neither camera is spectacular in low light. Highlights are severely blown out, details are muddy, and the images are very noisy.

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But with the many data breaches that have happened in recent years, it can be difficult to trust a service provider to look after your passwords for you. Customers can also bring their own devices over to the Consumer Cellular network from another carrier. Text size adjustment Voice commands and voice dial Talk Back voice readouts of display, notifications and dialed numbers Universal Inbox compiles all message types in one place Downloads senior-friendly apps Preinstalled with Google Maps Preinstalled with Google Calendar reminders Textured side buttons Fingerprint sensor Very bright screen with good contrast and color reproduction Battery life of up to 2 days or more on a single charge Talk Back voice readouts of display, notifications and dialed numbers Universal Inbox compiles all message types in one place Downloads senior-friendly apps Preinstalled with Google Maps Preinstalled with Google Calendar reminders Textured side buttons Fingerprint sensor Very bright screen with good contrast and color reproduction Battery life of up to 2 days or more on a single charge. Related Stories. Let the A. From an aesthetics and functionality standpoint, I prefer the waterdrop. Moto's custom Actions are accessible from the Moto app.

The Moto G7 Plus has curved glass back, 2. However, the light reactive finish of the last generation has gone. Our version looks black in most lighting, and a bright light reveals the blue tint. But boring? Not quite. The phone will also come in white and red as well as this off-black, and the red in particular is about as bold as phones come.

Moto G7 and Moto G7 Power Review: The best affordable Android phones

Motorola has also switched from a front fingerprint scanner to a rear one, in all these phones. We tend to agree, but at the launch of the Moto G6, Motorola reps also told us the cheaper models had back scanners because they are cheaper to implement. Make of that what you will.

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What can I do if my moto g7 power is lost or stolen? If your device is lost or stolen, Android Device Manager allows you to remotely locate, lock, and erase your. Best Motorola phones find the top Moto smartphone for you Motorola releases a new phone, or when software updates cause the rankings to Motorola One Vision; Moto G7; Motorola Razr; Moto Z2 Force; Moto G7 Plus No​, Motorola One Vision is not inspired by the Queen song, but it is one of.

These are also the first Moto G phone with notches. The Moto G7 Plus has a teardrop notch, usually considered among the smallest and least obtrusive. However, this one is surprisingly deep, almost Pixel 3XL like in proportions, which is a shame.

And the other models in the range? The Moto G7 looks almost exactly the same as the Plus. It has the same size screen, the same notch. Dropping down a level, the G7 Power swaps rear glass for plastic, just as the Moto G6 Play did last year. Motorola says this should last up to 2. It calls the Power the new model in the range. The rear here is textured plastic too.

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It looks a little like the matt glass some OnePlus 6T variants use, but feels like plastic. All four phones come with a slim silicone shell. All four also have a water-repelling nano coating and a 3. All of the Moto G7 phones have 6. In fact, if you're using it for only basic functions like checking your social media feeds, emails and messages, you likely won't noticed much of an issue at all. It transitions between various parts of the interface quite quickly, but it's not consistently smooth.

Load up a game and this is amplified further. Graphics aren't close to being smooth on many games, even ones that don't seem particularly intensive. It's here that you realise you definitely do not have a flagship phone in your hands. Animations are jittery and it drops frames like a juggler with too many skittles. On games where the phone choses animation smoothness over resolution, games like Asphalt 9 end up looking quite rough.

Smooth lines disappear, and in their place you get jagged, rough looking edges.

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It reminds us of drawing basic, low-res lines in MS Paint back in the 90s on Windows But in a game where fast reactions are necessary, one could argue that smooth and responsive performance is more important than higher resolution. All this could be down to a few different things, but we suspect the biggest reason behind this is the low amount of RAM.

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Moto's Snapdragon chip should be plenty to keep things running smoothly, but with just 2GB - very low by modern Android standards - there's seemingly not quite enough available memory to keep everything running that bit smoother. The one plus that comes from having an underpowered phone with a low resolution is that the battery seems to last for ages.

Whether it's because the performance left us not particularly wanting to use it as much as other phones, or because there's not as much load on the battery, it easily lasted a full day. Sometimes meaning it might last two days. The Moto G7 Play has a single rear camera. But whether or not pictures turn out well seems to depend on how the phone is feeling at the time.

It'll never win any prices for sharpness, dynamic range or colour reproduction, but then you don't really expect it to at this price point. As long as you're in decent light the shots are just fine. If you just want something to snap holiday pics to remember, you'll be fine with the G7 Play. But, again, if you pay a little extra for a phone like the Realme 3 Pro, you'll get sharper, more dynamic pictures with a more natural colour and more consistent results. The Moto G7 Play sits at the bottom of the pile in Motorola's G-series range and is therefore everything you'd expect a phone this cheap to be: a no-frills phone that gets the basics done.

But that's not a total bad thing. It's well considered and well targeted. With its subtle plastic build, ergonomic shape, clean software and long-lasting battery, it won't let you down. But there's a good chance it won't wow you that much either. Camera results are inconsistent, overall speed and fluidity lacks in some instances, and gaming is off the cards given that lowly processor and lack of RAM.

This article was first published as a preview in February and has been updated to reflect its full review status. Oppo's sub-brand has launched an affordable phone that punches comfortably above its weight. It's only slightly more expensive than the Moto, but for that price you get a nicer display, better camera, fast battery charging an an attractive design. What it lacks is the stock Android software experience, but for many, that's not really an issue.

Essentially the Play, but better, with an even longer-lasting battery.