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Step 3 of 10 1. Find " Location " Press Connections. Step 4 of 10 1. Find " Location " Press Location.

Step 5 of 10 2. Turn use of GPS position on or off Press the indicator to turn the function on or off. If you turn on geotagging, your phone can find your position using GPS.

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If you turn off the function, you can't use any GPS functions on your phone. Step 6 of 10 3.

After you use dark mode in these 13 Android apps, you won't ever go back

Select positioning method Press Locating method. Step 7 of 10 3. Select positioning method If you select High accuracy , your phone can find your exact position using the GPS satellites, the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Step 8 of 10 3. Select positioning method If you select Battery saving , your phone can find your approximate position using the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Step 9 of 10 3. Select positioning method If you select Device only , your phone can find your exact position but it may take longer as there is no access to supplementary information from the mobile network or nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Step 10 of 10 4. Return to the home screen Press the Home key to return to the home screen. Was this helpful? Send us your comments Please let us know how we could improve our device guides Enter your comments here then click the 'Send' button. Send Cancel.

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Email this article to your friend. Close dialog. Login to My Vodafone. There are 0 errors:. Password strength. Register with My Vodafone Register There are 0 errors:. This is the worst Samsung phone I have ever owned screen freezes for no reason and when you press to go on standby and the press again to come off standby I just get a keyboard screen and have to reset the phone and the fingerprint is rubbish can't wait to get rid of it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini purchased from Kogan. I like the size and the specifications, even for a mid-range phone seem pretty good.

I want something smaller than 5". And this seems to be the best phone I can find under 5". I am assuming it will be released on Verizon. If so, I hope to get this phone unless something else comes along in the mean time. The main features I would miss on this phone are a removable battery and quick charge. Really great review. So clearly, glass backs aren't about quality or premium materials. Yet that's what AndroidPit keeps parroting back to the reader.

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Glass and metal don't make a flagship or indicate anything about actual quality. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. To the AndroidPIT homepage. The slot for the SIM card is now at the top end of the device. Easy to handle and a pleasure to use.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 display Overall, the screen has the same technical configuration as its predecessor. The definition and the pixel density are the same as on the previous model. The Home button also acts as a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) release date and price

Best note taking apps for Android. The camera is similar to that on the Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy A3 battery On paper, we noticed that there's only a small increase in battery capacity: we go from 2, to 2, mAh. A mAh battery is now included.

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Below are apps I've found that either support Android 10's dark theme or have their own dark mode setting along with where you can find it. KidsGuard Pro is an Android parental control app that allows a user to track or monitor all the activities of a target device including real-time location. Since introducing the Galaxy S6 , Samsung has clearly gone out of their way to improve things and the interface is now nice and functional. These apps have helped me unleash the full potential of my phone and. Among these apps, there are some apps like Find My Mobile Samsung phone tracker app that are best suited for finding a lost phone, while others like KidsGuard Pro are better for tracking someone's real-time location. Samsung is hoping to repeat the experience, and so is looking again to release a new version of its Galaxy A3. Next click on storage next click on clear cache and then click on clear storage.

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