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If you bought your device from a carrier, such as T-Mobile , the software is slightly different and beta builds will not work. Luckily, the software is always easy to find at OnePlus.

How to Track A OnePlus Phone Remotely

However, to make things even easier, use your OnePlus smartphone to visit one of the links below to be taken straight to the correct page:. Once you are on the appropriate software download page remember, you should be viewing the page on the OnePlus device on which you want to install the beta , click the tab link near the top of the page to go to the Beta Build section.

Now, all you need to do is install the software. Head into Android settings by either tapping the Settings app in your app drawer or tapping the settings icon in your notification pulldown menu. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner. Tap that file! Your phone will ask you to confirm you want to install the file, which of course you do.

Click to confirm and the OxygenOS beta build will begin to install. Considering the OnePlus 7 is considerably cheaper than these handsets, it's a great result and shows it has flagship power packed inside. Gamers can also take advantage of Gaming mode on the OnePlus 7, which lets you lock the screen brightness, enhance the display and choose whether or not you want notifications or call pop-ups to display on screen. If you want to take things a step further you can engage Fnatic mode which, when enabled, blocks notifications and calls, restricts background activity to provide more power to your game, and disables your second SIM if you have one to enhance your network connection and reduce latency.

Whenever you load up a game, you'll see a gaming mode pop-up at the top of the display, and you can tap it to fine-tune your settings. The OnePlus 7 runs the latest version of Google's operating system, Android 9 Pie, but it's not the stock version of the software. OnePlus applies its Oxygen UI over the top of Android, a relatively light skin which doesn't mess around too much with the look and feel of Google's software, but rather builds in additional features and customization for users who like to dig through various options in the settings menu.

You can't afford the OnePlus 7 Pro The OnePlus 7 is a solid smartphone offering flagship features at a price point that easily undercuts the likes of Apple, Samsung and Sony - making it an attractive option. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a better, more exciting option, but it does cost more and if you're on a strict budget you'll be well-served by the 7.

You want an affordable flagship phone While it may not be as feature-packed as the Pro, the OnePlus 7 still boasts a premium build and flagship power under the hood, along with a sizable display, dual rear cameras and a fancy in-display fingerprint scanner. All at a price which is much cheaper than the bigger players.

You want to try something new Have you always stuck to the big brands for your smartphones?

OnePlus 7 review

The likes of Apple, Samsung and Sony? Well perhaps it's time to try something different. OnePlus is now firmly established in the market and the OnePlus 7 is a premium, powerful handset that won't break the bank.

You want all the latest features on your phone While the OnePlus 7 does have the latest chipset at its heart, it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of a new flagship phone - it's very similar to the OnePlus 6T. If you want the latest and greatest you'll have to pay a bit more see the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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You want a photography powerhouse The cameras on the OnePlus 7 are good, but they're not the best on the market. If you're wanting to get the best shots from your smartphone you'll want to look at the Huawei P30 Pro or Google Pixel 3.

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You live in North America or Australia OnePlus decided that it would only offer the pricier 7 Pro in North America, so if this is the part of the world you call home then it's tough luck, you can't get the OnePlus 7. OnePlus also hasn't launched a new phone in Australia since the OnePlus 5 , and there's no sign of the OnePlus 7 bucking that trend. It costs more, but it's still cheaper than the top-flight offerings from Apple and Samsung.

Read our OnePlus 7 Pro review. Impressed by the large, bezel-free, uninterrupted screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro, but can't quite afford it? The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also offers up a notch-less display and its own eye-catching slider mechanism for around the same cost as the OnePlus 7. Read our Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review. Do you love watching movies on your phone? Well, the aspect ratio screen on the Sony Xperia 10 Plus could well be what you've been waiting to slide out of your pocket. It's cheaper than the OnePlus 7, and less powerful, but if film is your first love you'll want to check it out.

Read our Sony Xperia 10 Plus review. Not every phone in this line-up is a chest-beating, high-powered flagship — best can mean different things to different people. While this isn't the 5G version of the Galaxy S20, you are getting the phone for one of the cheapest prices around, and a massive 90GB data allowance to boot.

Perfect for early S20 adopters who want bang for their buck. With 60GB of data in your pocket, you'll be able to make the most of your brand new 5G-ready Galaxy S20, all courtesy of this online only deal from Carphone Warehouse. All of these phones have been fully tested according to our criteria below.

The research

Before rating any Android handset, one of our expert reviewers will spend at least a week using the handset as their primary smartphone. During that time we see how the phone handles in terms of everyday use — especially in terms of battery performance and cameras — and we also run it through a series of synthetic benchmarking and battery-burn tests. All of these tests are repeatable, so we can accurately compare like-for-like between devices. Read more about how we test phones. Related: Galaxy S20 review hands-0n. The rear camera set-up has a total of four rear sensors, which provides a great level of versatility for your choice of shots, and this time round we welcome Samsung opts for more realistic-looking images rather than pouring on the post-processing to its pictures.

Battery life is good, easily lasting the day unless you keep that Hz refresh rate stuck on all the time, under which circumstances it will take a nose-dive. While this terrific tariff from EE offers less data than the Three alternative above, EE is known for being one of the best UK networks, with expansive coverage and additional freebies, including six months of free Apple Music. This is a great phone and one of the finest all-round Android devices we have reviewed.

This brute of a phone has a lovely display, plenty of grunt, huge battery, Qi charging, water resistance and comes with USB-C buds. Its position could be set to change, however, with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra , so watch this space for full reviews and scores of these new products. The S Pen is the headline feature of the Note series, which is pretty much the only flagship around that lets you draw and take notes with a pen on the display.

This is a nice idea and very handy for replying to messages quickly and moving photos off the phone.


The app did, however, prove unreliable. There are also some new gaming features and the added ability to stream games to the phone from a compatible PC. Audio from this phone is merely OK and this seems to be a side effect of having basically no room for speakers. The same goes for call quality, which can often come across as slightly distorted.

Wi-Fi and cellular strength are excellent, though. Boasting a whopping 6. This high-end flagship from Samsung packs the latest Exynos chipset, up to 16GB RAM and a camera array that includes a main megapixel sensor on the back and a megapixel one on the front — plus some really impressive zooming skills.

Plus an extra 3D sensing sensor for aiding with depth. The phone can shoot video at resolutions up to 8K — a first for any phone — and comes with a whole host of camera modes that you can endlessly tweak.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Our highlight is the 6. Internally this is the most impressive Android phone currently available. With a total cost of ownership that comes to less than buying the handset outright, enjoy this premium Huawei flagship with its gorgeous 6. The pictures it captures are gorgeous, with loads of detail and lovely colours.