Mobile location reviews Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7

In terms of design and build quality, what the Samsung Galaxy A7 is essentially is a overgrown Galaxy S6 , with the former featuring a similar design language and identical construction as the latter.

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Other than the size, the Galaxy A7 is a little more angular in its shape as well, with less rounded corners, but there is definitely an element of familiarity to it. The Galaxy A7 may not pack as much when it comes to power and features when compared to its flagship counterpart, but you do certainly get the look and feel of a premium high-end phone here.

While the predominant presence of glass does make for a somewhat slippery device, the flat metal sides help a lot with the grip. As expected, everything else is in its typical positions for a Samsung phone. The power button and volume rocker are to right and left respectively, and the metal-clad buttons offer a good amount of tactile feedback. With the Galaxy A7 being a touch more budget-friendly, it is not surprising that some flagship features, like the heart rate monitor on the back, are missing.

However, you do get a fingerprint scanner here, once again integrated into the physical home button up front, which is flanked by the capacitive back and Recent Apps keys. At the bottom is the headphone jack, the microUSB port, and the single speaker unit.

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With its 5. With a weight of grams, the Galaxy A7 is also on the heavier side, and allows for a solid and substantial feel while holding the device, making the slippery glass backing less of a worry. The Galaxy A7 comes with a 5.

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Everything from saturated, punchy colors, to the deep inky blacks are seen here, along with good viewing angles and brightness that allows for comfortable outdoor visibility. Under the hood, this version of the Galaxy A7 comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, clocked at 1.

It runs reasonably well for the most part, and handles everything from web-browsing to multi-tasking, and even graphically-intensive gaming, perfectly well. However, there are occasional instances of animation stutter throughout the interface. It is very noticeable when it does happen, and the lag is almost always seen when moving from the Flipboard second screen to the main homescreen.

Granted the latter is an issue with the high-end Samsung devices as well, but with the slower chipset in play here, the stutter is far more apparent. Some sluggishness is also seen when scrolling the pages and elements of certain apps, such as Snapchat. Some versions of the device, depending on the market, also come with dual-SIM capabilities, in which case the secondary SIM slot is what serves as the microSD card slot.

As mentioned, the Galaxy A7 comes with a fingerprint scanner that is integrated into the tactile home button up front. This is the same implementation as seen with the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 before it, and works well. Apart from unlocking the device, the fingerprint reader also sees its advantage when being used with Samsung Pay. The single speaker unit is found at the same position at the bottom, as is the case with its flagship counterparts, and offers a similar sound quality.

While the speaker gets decently loud and produces a clean and clear sound without any distortion even at higher volumes, you are of course, not getting the quality that is available with dual front-facing speaker setups. Moving on to the battery, the Galaxy A7 comes with a large 3, mAh unit that provides a battery life that has been extremely good.

With normal usage, the device comfortably lasted through a full day of use, and more often than not, survived an additional half a day as well. The screen-on time has been easily surpassing the 4 hour mark, and has been around 5 hours on most days. Wireless charging may not be available, but the Galaxy A7 does come with fast charging capabilities, which is useful when needing to quickly recharge a battery of this size. The Galaxy S6 has been plagued with battery life issues, but seeing as to how Samsung seems to have figured this aspect out with the Galaxy A series, is hopefully a pre-cursor for what we can expect with the upcoming Galaxy S7.

It has only one function: selfie with locked focus even in video mode.

Samsung Galaxy A7 () review: A strong midrange choice - CNET

This really sucks. Dont buy that phone. Does the contacts synchronise automatically with FB etc so that each contact appears a photo? Mobile look is very nice. Employee behavior is very rude and without check he said your mobile is fell down. After the latest update, it does.

We updated the review when it started working yes, we tested it ourselves. What can you recommend between the two? Hi, out of the two that you have mentioned, A7 is the better option overall in our opinion It will still depend on your specific preferences.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Anyone knows? Widewine L1 is not the sole requirement for HD streaming. Netflix has to whitelist the phone too. Specification of Samsung Galaxy A7 is Awesome. I love it.

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PUBG runs fine on the phone, Asphalt 9 is not supported as of now, and Asphalt 8 shows very few frame drops at highest settings. Hello, I went through your post Samsung Galaxy A7 phone and found it to be really informative. I feel that this review of yours would be really helpful. Looking for more post further. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review with Pros & Cons

Samsung A7 or nova 3i? Hi Reach nowadays all android phone are coming like this. Vivo V11 Pro or Samsung A7 ?

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Review

Manual or pro mode camera such as WB, focus, shutter, and iso , available or not?? Thanks for sharing such a great Samsung a7 review.

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