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iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS review: The Max steals the show
Both phones are excellent, but the Max is our fave.

You can also add a control to Control Centre, and access it quickly by swiping up to access CC and tapping on the battery icon. Check your battery via the Battery widget: Within the widgets in Today view, there's a card that lets you see the battery life remaining in your iPhone, Apple Watch and connected headphones. Just swipe from left to right on your homescreen to get to your Today view and scroll until you see the "Batteries" widget.

Charge wirelessly: To make use of the iPhone's wireless charging capabilities, buy a wireless charger. Any Qi charger will work, but to charge more efficiently you need one optimised for Apple's 7. Up to 50 per cent in in 30 minutes. Two years later, there are now more effects in iOS To access these effects, press and hold the send icon after you've written a message. Here you can switch between Bubble and Screen effects to apply them to your message.

How to mute specific conversations: In your main Messages inbox, swipe left on any conversation you want to hide notifications from then tap "hide alerts". It's really useful if you're part of a particularly persistent and chatty group message.

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Send a picture to someone: To the left of the text input field in Messages you'll see a small camera icon. Tap it and it'll immediately launch the full screen camera app. To access photos from your gallery, tap the photo gallery icon in the top left corner. To do so, choose a photo and add it to your message. Before you send, tap on the photo and you'll get the choice to Markup i. Draw and send someone a picture: In Messages you can also send people drawn pictures like Apple Watch users can.

Tap the little App Store icon to the left of the message input field. You'll now see a small heart logo with two fingers on it above the keyboard; tap it and then start drawing. To make the black canvas bigger drag the small grey bar above the drawing area upwards until it fills the screen.

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How to draw on a video you want to send someone in a message: Follow the instructions above, but instead of drawing on the canvas straight away press the video camera icon. You can then record a message and draw on it at the same time.

How to send someone a kiss: In Messages you can not only send someone a drawing or a video, but also a series of shapes or patterns, including a kiss on the screen. To send a kiss, go to the black canvas see above long-press with two fingers where you want the heart to appear.

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To break the heart, swipe downwards while long-pressing without lifting your fingers from the screen. Swipe left or right to find the app you're looking for. If you're typing, you'll see them in a toolbar along the top of your keyboard. Pressing one will add it to the message for the other person on iOS to see.

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Pressing it again will remove the reaction. How to share your location: You can quickly share your location within a message by heading to any conversation or message thread. Tap the tiny arrow at the top near your contact's name, then hit the "i" and select"share my location" or "send my current location". Within the same menu as the location sharing, toggle the "Send Read Receipts" option. What time? Quick Voice message: If you press on the small mic button on the right of the text box you can start recording a verbal message. Lift your finger to stop and reveal a playback button.

Once happy, tap the arrow to send it or - if you decide not to send it - tap the x button to cancel.

Delete messages: As before, swipe from right to left in the Messages hub and then tap the "delete" option. Here you can Opt to keep Messages forever, 1 year, or 30 days. Raise to listen to audio messages: It's on by default, but you can turn off the ability to listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising your phone. Press and hold the globe icon and select either the left or right sided keyboard. It shrinks the keyboard and moves it to one side of the display. Go back to full size by tapping the little arrow.

Use your keyboard as a trackpad: Since the advent of 3D Touch displays on iPhones you can use the keyboard area as a trackpad to move the cursor on screen. It works anywhere there's a text input, and saves you having to try and tap the exact location you want to start editing. Just force press anywhere on the keyboard and move the cursor around.

Use your keyboard as a trackpad second method : You can also do the above by long-pressing the spacebar until the keyboard greys out, then moving the on screen cursor.

How to choose the best iPhone for you

Apple's current iPhone lineup has grown to include three phones that were released in late the iPhone 11 , the iPhone 11 Pro , and the iPhone 11 Pro Max , in addition to the iPhone XR , iPhone 8 , and iPhone 8 Plus holdovers from And if you value design, you'll appreciate the rainbow of colors the iPhone XR comes in. Performance is good but battery life is a bit weak, lasting a day of usage but not much more. They run clean Android and get regular software updates. To access photos from your gallery, tap the photo gallery icon in the top left corner. Zooming in, you can see the details of each family and their unique touch. Another distinct feature of this app is that if the target person changes the SIM card, you are notified.

Likely implemented because the iPhone XR is coming without a pressure sensitive touchscreen. Picking your Emoji colour: For the past few years, Emoji have had the option to change skin tone. To access them, go to the emoji keyboard by tapping the globe icon, then long press on the emoji you want to use. If it has alternative skin colour options they will show.

Adding third party keyboards: Install the app SwiftKey or Gboard are good examples and follow the instructions in the app. Accessing additional keyboards beyond Emoji: If you have more multiple keyboards installed, long-press the globe icon on the keyboard and you'll get a pop-up list showing you the options you can use.

Tapping the globe icon lets you switch quickly to the next keyboard. Now, the keyboard shows the letters in lower case when the shift is off.

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Disable keyboard animations: Apple's keyboard has a pop-up character animation that serves as feedback when you tap the keys. Text replacement shortcuts: As in all previous years, one of iOS' most useful keyboard solutions is creating short-codes that turn into full words or phrases. We find it useful to have one for an address that fills in automatically whenever we misspell "address", adding an extra "s" at the end. Portrait Lighting effects: To shoot Portrait Mode shots with artificial lighting effects, first go to shoot in Portrait mode.

You can do this either by force-pressing the camera icon and choosing the Portrait shortcut, or opening the camera app and selecting the Portrait option in there.

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Thanks to modern-day GPS technology, tracking yours or your family's movements using a mobile device is extremely easy. You can do this. The best way to keep your phone secure, especially when you're iPhone XS, XS Max and XR: 27 tips and tricks to master Apple's latest phones If the device has been turned off, the last known location will be shown.

Now you can just tap and hold the bottom of the frame where it says "Natural Lighting", and scroll through the options. After a second or two you'll see the lighting effect icon at the bottom of the image, tap it and swipe exactly as you did when shooting the image. Edit Portrait mode depth: With the new iPhones, you can adjust the blur effect after shooting the Portrait shot.

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Head to Photos and select the photo you want to adjust, then select "edit". You'll see a depth slider at the bottom of the screen.

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Swipe right to increase the blur strength, swipe left to decrease it. Now you can shoot fps slow-motion video at full HD. Shoot a Live Photo: Open the camera in Photo mode, and tap the icon that looks like three rings, with the outer ring dotted. If it's yellow, Live Photos is active. Keep the original photo while using Live Photo effects: Once you choose one of the Live Photo effects, it saves it on your phone as a video, not a photo. If you want to keep the original shot as a still photo as well, just hit the share icon and tap "duplicate" and save another copy of the original photo.

You'll need to do this before you change the Live Photo effect - or just go back to the original Live Photo style and do it then. To apply a filter, do so as you have previously. Go to the photo in question, tap "edit"and select the filter you want. If you find that the app has picked out the same person, but says they are different people, you can merge the albums together. Tap on the word "Select" at the top right of the screen and then select the images of the people you want to merge, then tap "merge".

To remove tap on "Select" and then tap on the people you don't want to see before tapping on "Remove"in the bottom left of your iPhone screen. How to create Photo Memories: You can create your own Memories from your own albums.

iPhone XS/XS Max: No home button, no problem

This will allow you to see your Memories. Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Add to Memories". How to share a Memories movie: The Apple Photos app automatically creates a mini slideshow for you that can then be shared as a video.