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If your device gets incorrect orientation information when you try to use a navigational app, then the compass of your Android device needs to be calibrated.


You will require an app to calibrate the compass of your device. GPS Essentials is a good app, available on the Play Store, which can help you calibrate the compass of your device. Download and install this app. Open it and tap on Compass.

To calibrate the compass, you must use your phone to draw the figure 8 in the air. Once you wave your phone in the air creating the pattern of the number 8, sideways, you will be able to calibrate the compass. Thank you so much, this fixed the problem! Tried a different calibrating app than the one suggested and it didn't work, GPS Essentials worked like a charm!

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Finally, in the other case, it can also spy on your spouse. For all these causes, we will observe in this tutorial what are the 3 solutions to geolocate a ZTE Blade V8. We will observe in a second step the best technique track his mobile phone by installing a certain application.

Finally, we will additionally observe that several antivirus also provide tracking services. To do this, you will require to activate a little option on the mobile phone.

How to find a stolen ZTE Blade

In fact, you must activate the Android device manager for localization to be possible. In terms of benchmarks, the Blade Max View fell way behind its competitors.

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The Nokia 6. Although Android 9. Not too long ago it was the norm to see budget phones ship with bloatware-ridden, older versions of Android.

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Over the past year though, things have started to change. Both the Nokia 6. While Android 7.

Locate the ZTE Blade V8 with a specialized application

It joins the Moto G6 Play and Nokia 6. Cameras have long been a sore spot when it comes to budget phones.

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The front-facing camera comes in at 8-megapixels. While low light photos tend to be a real weak spot for budget phones, the Blade Max View was a pleasant surprise. During our test, we found daylight photos had excellent color accuracy and detail. And while the photos, look great for a budget phone, they did appear a little flat. Low light photos tend to be a real weak spot for budget phones, but once again the Blade Max View was a pleasant surprise.

Our night photos came out with decent color accuracy and detail.

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We had no problem getting over a day from a single charge.