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I should mention that while I had no issues with Motion Sense detecting my hand as I reached for the phone, David did. For him, the experience was much less reliable than it was for me. The lack of a fingerprint scanner is a bit disappointing here, because face unlock is not foolproof. There is also the issue of biometric login for apps. Yes, you can just use your PIN, but this feels like a step backward, not forwards. It should be noted that Android 10 supports a new catch-all API for bio-authentication that includes face unlock.

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This means developers should be able to update their apps fairly easily, but Google needs to be more assertive with making sure it gets done. What about video? The Pixel 4 shoots perfectly fine p video at 30, 60, and fps, but you can only shoot 4K video at 30fps on the main camera. This is disappointing for a phone that tries to position itself as a camera-first device. The company is very clearly invested in breaking new ground where mobile photography is concerned, but video is sadly a second-class citizen.

Audio is perfectly good on the Pixel 4. There are stereo speakers on the Pixel 4 via the earpiece and a bottom-firing speaker. The Pixel 4 handles treble a lot better than the Pixel 3, and the bass is rounder without getting tinny at the high end. Yes, it provides a fantastic camera and software experience with performance to boot for now. But these characteristics are by no means unrivaled in the Android or iOS space anymore. You can get a reasonably comparable camera on any of a half-dozen phones, some priced much lower than the cheapest Pixel, and great software and performance on a lot of phones.

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Since this review was first published, a number of limited-time promotions have made the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL a much more attractive proposition. We expect that these discounts will become quasi-permanent as we go into and Google needs to move unsold units. This has been a tough review to write. Yes, the camera is amazing, the software is excellent, performance is impressive, design is bold, build quality is excellent, the screen is fantastic, but…. But something is off. Google is pushing photography but not video.

Face unlock is great when it works but creates as many problems as it solves. Google Assistant is faster and more secure but only if you obey some totally arbitrary rules.

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Performance is good now but how likely is it to still be in two or three years? The list goes on. Kris Carlon kriscarlon. David Imel Durvidimel. Kris Carlon David Imel. Buy at Amazon. Google Pixel 4 Buy it Now. Both devices were running Android 10 build number QD1A.

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C4 and have the October 5 security patch. Pixel 4: Pixel 4 XL: Pixel 4: 5.

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Night Sight takes multiple images at different exposures and stacks them for a more detailed and brighter low-light photo. When in Night Mode, if the Pixel 4 detects the light is low enough and the sky is visible it will enter astrophotography mode automatically. The Good The Pixel 3A is cheaper than the original Pixel 3 but packs the same grade-A camera that shoots great in low light. It packs in more features than most other Android phones, including a microSD card slot and a headphone jack; it can even wirelessly charge other devices. Best places to sell your used electronics in

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India Today. Google AI Blog. Phone Arena. Retrieved November 1, Tom's Guide. Retrieved November 4, The Guardian. Colors are still a little over-saturated, but it continues to impress, delivering stunning photos from the darkest of scenes. You can take some breathtaking photos like the one below, shot by my colleague in Scotland. The less happening in the background, the better.

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Unlike the Pixel 3, which had two cameras on the front so you could switch between a wide and a normal lens, the only lens on the Pixel 4 XL is a wide lens, so you can still capture a lot in the scene behind you, or snap group selfies without struggling to fit everyone. One thing to note, Google no longer offers free , unlimited storage of full-resolution images to Google Photos.

You can still upload your photos for free at a high resolution, just not at the original resolution. The next best part of owning a Pixel phone is the software. Naturally, the phone is running the latest version of Android 10, with up-to-date security as well.

Android 10 itself brings great new features like a system-wide dark theme, an improved gesture navigation system, as well as more transparency about what apps are accessing your location data and other sensors on the phone.

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What keeps me coming back to Pixel phones, outside of the camera, are several of the helpful features that are powered by machine learning. The Motion Sense gestures also fall into this category of helpful features that make a small impact on my day-to-day use of the phone. A new app called Personal Safety offers up peace of mind, allowing the phone to alert your preset emergency contacts in the event of an emergency, and the Pixel 4 can even detect car crashes through sensors on the phone.

My favorite new addition is the Recorder app , which can transcribe interviews in real-time. It automatically generates captions for any video with audio, and all of this happens on the device.