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However, the number of users is growing rapidly. Again according to Satista February , WhatsApp has around 2 billion users and is also continuing to grow. However, it is likely that you will find many of your phone contacts on Telegram as soon as you synchronize your mobile number and address book with the messenger.

Telegram can be set up in a similarly simple and low-threshold manner as WhatsApp.

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After a while your contacts will write to you by Telegram or other means. Since anyone can install Telegram free of charge and try it out without danger, the inhibition threshold for getting started is low. It is likely that new users will stay longer. I have listed above enough advantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp as well as tempting unique selling points.

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They are currently working from Dubai to avoid possible reprisals in Russia. The infrastructure of the chat client is decentralized, i. So you can no longer speak of a Russian or German or any other national product. The company takes advantage of this to protect stored data from state searches.

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WhatsApp, on the other hand, was once founded as an independent start-up and has moved on to make paid SMS obsolete. For a long time the service was free of charge.

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Subscriptions were introduced in , but they never really had to be paid for. In Facebook took over the service and terminated the subscription humbug.

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In phone settings, go to battery > power usage > telegram and select keep running in background 2. Recent apps > lock down telegram (done. › telegram-whatsapp-replacement.

Since then, the services have been exchanging meta-data among themselves and undermining our privacy. Unfortunately, Telegram is no more exemplary.

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Due to the non-transparent structure it is not clear who needs your data and to what extent. After all, the privacy policy states that "0 bytes of user data is transferred to third parties or governments". So the question is, who you would rather give your data to. A data giant whose business model is based on learning everything about you and selling it to advertisers?

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Or a project by a few rich, ambitious Russians, which is financed by donations and paid services as soon as the start-up capital is used up. Telegram sounds too good to be true. Since you can use it on all your tablets and PCs and with all your mobile numbers at the same time, it is more flexible than WhatsApp. Secret chats, infinite backup storage, and practical additional functions round off the package.

Since everyone can use Telegram for free, you should at least try it with your friends. I had installed Signal Messenger and kept it on my smartphone for six months, hoping to chat with people. Later on deleted it. Everyone uses WhatsApp. It is also known to be widely used by jihadist groups and it is, as pointed out, absolutely not clear who is harvesting data from it and what for.

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We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. To the AndroidPIT homepage. Shortcuts: Advantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp Further unique selling points of Telegram Important questions regarding Telegram Of course, no one has to be as radical as me and delete their WhatsApp account right away.

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Since I have already gained some experience, I will now present my most important findings to you: What makes Telegram better than WhatsApp? Type in your cell phone number. Start chatting right away. Telegram offers account management, infinite backup storage, and login codes without SMS. WhatsApp vs.

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You can find Telegram Supergroups simply by using the search function. Alternatively, links can be created to share, as in WhatsApp. With Telegram, you may only write to people who also have your mobile phone number or are in the same group. Everything else ends up in the spam filter. Further questions about Telegram How many users does Telegram have? How do I bring my WhatsApp friends to Telegram?

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If you are using it with other Android smartphones, you have to do the pairing via the Bluetooth menu. In terms of audio quality, I find FreeBuds 3's music output to be rather flat overall. The Chinese tech giant has clearly taken inspiration from the Apple AirPods, which ignited the genre. After a while your contacts will write to you by Telegram or other means. Along with the same, the messenger application has derived a simpler interface for the profile pages which enables one-tap shared media files visibility. When the download finishes, you can install the apk file. Join Date: Joined: Oct

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