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How to make Huawei’s EMUI feel like home: Our guide to setting up your phone

Apple remained to the third spot and shipped Apple continues to sell some refurbished iPhones via its own channels, which sustain and possibly grow the installed base, but also impact iPhone revenues. Newer iPhones, specifically the iPhone 11s and XR, did very well this quarter, capturing strong share in important markets like the U. Xiaomi came at fourth position with 9.

It showcased YoY decline of 3. The vendor for the first time saw less than a third of its shipments delivered domestically in China, which was second to India in volume as it continues to struggle in the domestic market mostly due to the intense competition from Huawei though its compelling performance in India helped Xiaomi to maintain its momentum due to its focus on both offline and online channels.

It remained fifth position with 8. Notes: IDC declares a statistical tie in the worldwide smartphone market when there is a difference of 0.

Will I get Google Play?

Huawei has revealed EMUI 10 - a software update coming to new Huawei Android In this case, EMUI 10 works on top of Android Huawei confirms EMUI 10 roll-out schedule for P30, Mate 20 and other devices recent memory is the OneUI skin that Samsung uses on its most recent smartphones. If you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone, knowing the tricks that the an Honor View 20, to name a few of the growing Huawei/Honor family.

Google says it relies on software because including a camera with a very powerful lens is expensive, and yet the Reno 2 is nearly half the price of the Pixel 4. Go figure. The one disappointment in the camera is the Ultra Night mode for taking low-light pictures. I felt that it brightened them up too much; the images looked obviously filtered. A small point, but given that night photography is so big at the moment, I feel Oppo could have worked harder.

E lsewhere things just get better. The screen is ultra-bright and super crisp though the lack of 90Hz support does feel like a comedown after getting used to it on the OnePlus 7T and at 6. The casual person will not notice the difference. Even so, for less than the Pixel 3A, it makes a very good case for itself. Buy now. It is largely the same as the other two but considerably cheaper.

No big loss. This is a bit cheaper and more old-fashioned.

Huawei Honors the Competition with the Honor Malaysia

C onsidering the price difference, the XR definitely remains a great purchase. Alongside that announcement it showed off the OnePlus 7 Pro, an upgraded, premium version of the phone with a few nice extras including a slightly bigger screen which curved along the edges, faster charging, and, most noticeably, a front-facing camera which popped out of the top to give you a whole-screen display.

And the design process had been that OnePlus created the 7 Pro, then worked backwards, stripping features away to cheaper the slightly cheaper 7 device. Anyway, a few months later and we find ourselves with the slightly upgraded 7T and 7T Pro models.

But in upgrading the 7 to the 7T, OnePlus added most of the features which made the original 7 Pro worth having. The big screen, the fast charging, the big battery, the better cameras. In doing so they left themselves no where to go with the upgraded 7T Pro.

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I am always filled with excitement when October rolls around and the new Pixel phone comes out. As a passionate Instagrammer, having a good camera on my phone is by far the most important feature to me. Colours pop more, blur is minimal, subjects are almost always in focus with zero effort. The software is so good that it can take a very amateur photographer and make them feel like a professional.

Top marks from me although, admittedly metropolitan users will miss out on the experience — blame light pollution.

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The other big new feature here is Soli, which is, in short, gesture control. This means you can flick your hand in front of the phone without touching it to do things like skip between songs. It works well but given there are so few uses, it feels a bit gimmicky, and annoying considering that the sensor in the top of the phone gives it a huge forehead bezel.

Google have been boasting that the Pixel 4 is cheaper to buy than the Pixel 3 was at launch. The Pixel 4 is mostly cheaper than the Pixel 3 was because so many of the hardware features have been stripped away. E lsewhere, the phone is similarly deficient. The battery is, in a word, crap.

Honor (brand)

The design is sort of ugly too with a weird black band around the outside. Your choice, of course. It's the first time I haven't fallen head over heels for a Google smartphone. The camera is, predictably, incredible. The new 90Hz display is just as gorgeous as it was on the OnePlus devices.

There are lots of fun new features, like the live caption which can add English language captions to any song or video you might be playing. It seems to me that Sony have basically given up trying to beat the rest with the best camera or the best battery both of which are perfectly good here, by the way, just not remarkable and decided to focus on the thing Sony does best: screens. Think about it. Sony has a long and proud history of creating not just televisions, but the very movies that appear on them. And so here we have the Sony Xperia 5, a phone designed for watching.

The screen itself is long and thin, 6. You can text without pausing your video, or scroll through Facebook while checking Google Maps. A nother nice, but slightly gimmicky feature is Dynamic Vibration. Watching James Bond leap from an exploding building? Of course, a professional movie camera would be much higher quality than the three megapixel cameras on this phone, but my movies came out nicely.

Which manufacturer updates its smartphones fastest: Android 10 rollout edition

Multi-window, Cinema Pro, and various others such as Game Enhancer are apps rather than baked into the software. It feels like an afterthought rather than the idea which inspired the phone. Both are great phones, but the reason why I put this one so much further down is that it just feels way too big. The S Pen is very good, to be fair. You can use the pen to write on apps or send messages with gifs. Another handy feature is that the pen can also be used as a Bluetooth button, allowing you to take a selfie from a distance or with a selfie-stick, for example.

The most useful feature is the ability to write memos without unlocking the screen by simply removing the pen from its holster and writing on the screen.

Honor 20 Review - The Best Mid Range Smartphone

T he processor is also very fast, which makes games and movie streaming completely lag-free. H uawei has continued to show it produces some of the best camera technology of the bunch with its latest phone, the Mate 20 Pro. But that jump in power and quality comes at a price for the Chinese-made smartphone, which may put some off who are hoping for an alternative to Apple or Samsung.

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It comes with a bright full HD display at a massive 6. H owever, Huawei has packed its new phone full of features that may cause a few heads to turn. It also has a world first with a 7nm artificial intelligence powered processor, that helps it manage high-powered tasks and battery performance. But Huawei reserves the most impressive tech to its triple lens camera. With 40MP, 20MP and 8MP lenses combining to give ultra-detailed photos, the Huawei phone can use artificial intelligence processing to turn images taken in near total darkness to light. It can also create digitally altered videos in real time - such as filming in black and white and adding colour highlights to the video live in filming.

The inner camera is held in a teardrop notch, which is about as innocuous as it could be. The screen is a massive 6. The real selling point is the fantastic cameras. The rear camera is made up of a 12mp and 20mp camera which is provides a sharp, top notch image every time. The inner is even more powerful, a crazy 25mp, making this one of the most powerful mobile phone cameras out there for selfie-lovers. The camera includes a mode called Ultra Night photography which is specifically designed for taking photos in cities at night. I have no idea what the name is about, but in short, you can charge up to 40pc in 10 minutes.

I n trying to rush the iPhone X out in time for the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, Apple found itself in a bizarre situation where it released the iPhone 8 and the next generation within a few weeks of each other. As a result, the iPhone 8 got overlooked in favour of the iPhone X which is a real shame, because the former is actually a really good phone in its own right. The only difference is the lack of facial recognition. And more filters! A re you the type who is constantly dropping your phone and smashing the screen?

If so, the AGM X3 is the device for you. This is very much a feature phone, designed to be as rugged as possible. You can throw it, drop it, and kick it and it'll just keep on chugging. It's also water and dust proof so it might be ideal for those who are working outside frequently.

And despite the rubber bumpers and hard exo-skeleton, the X3 actually looks pretty similar to any other smartphone, if a teeny bit old-fashioned with its large forehead and chin bezels.