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Well, they've done it again.

Not recommended

Not necessarily with crazy features or things that absolutely no other phone can do; it's that the OnePlus 7T is so good and such a good price. Here's how OnePlus and the OnePlus 7T continues to surprise me while my drawer is full of the top smartphones from the biggest tech companies:. Super smooth 90Hz screens like the one on the OnePlus 7T don't actually have many — if any — functional benefits.

It's purely an aesthetic thing, but it has a big impact. From the moment you turn on the OnePlus 7T, the 90Hz screen and the resulting smooth and fluid animations while you swipe around Android or scroll through apps suggests you have something better and faster than anything else out there. I'm sure Samsung and Apple have their reasons for not adding a 90Hz screen to their latest smartphones, but it feels like a missed opportunity for both companies. They're making it much easier for OnePlus to look better.

Even with regular flagship specs, OnePlus phones typically have better performance than the top flagships from big companies. It's running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Plus that runs slightly faster than the regular Snapdragon in most Android flagships. The OnePlus 7 Pro from earlier this year, which runs the regular Snapdragon , has already shown that OnePlus phones with the same specs as top flagships perform better and faster.

But OnePlus went with the Plus anyway, because why not? The result is a phone that feels faster and more powerful than any other phone I've used this year. Combined with the 90Hz screen I mentioned earlier, this thing simply defies the traditional smartphone experience. It also sets the benchmark for what I look for in a smartphone. All phones should, without a doubt, run as smoothly and as quickly as the OnePlus 7T. A lot of phone makers will add "skins" on top of the Android operating system to add more features than there are on stock Android.

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Many also redesign stock Android's look to something closer to the company's design language. Some skins are heavier than other, and OnePlus goes for an ultra-light skin that largely leaves Android almost untouched. It's part of the reason why OnePlus phones, and the OnePlus 7T , run so quickly and smoothly compared to other Android phones. With that said, OnePlus subtly adds its own features into its OnePlus phones. In the OnePlus 7T, OnePlus added its own gesture navigation, a "reading mode" that adjusts the screen for a more comfortable reading experience, and a "Zen" feature that blocks you out of your phone almost completely for a set time.

A solid smartphone, but it's more of the same

I then found a hidden compartment on the bottom of the retail box that held a lovely case with Alcantara material and carbon fiber. The battery has a large capacity and the Warp Charge 30T system, included in the box, charges the phone up quickly, but you won't have to worry about this until the evening when you are done using your phone. This also later turned into a nightmare for OnePlus. Share this thread. This phone runs a version of Android and came with most of the standard Android apps already installed. The front camera has a 16 MP sensor.

Don't worry — calls and the camera aren't disabled, but you can't use other apps at all until the time you set for Zen mode runs out. Smartphone design is subjective, and in many ways, it doesn't really matter for those who use a case. The large circular camera system on the back is unique and not offensive, although the camera bump does feel a little large.

OnePlus 7T review

The screen is flat compared to the curved edges that make the Samsung phones and the OnePlus 7 Pro so pretty. In my opinion, curved screen edges look nice and serve to make the phones stand out when you're shopping for a new phone, but they feel pointless in everyday use, and they make the screen feel narrower than it should be. Overall, I have no complaints with the OnePlus 7T's designs, and actively think that its flat screen is better than curved screen edges. I've taken several photos with the OnePlus 7T, and I'm pretty happy with all of them so far.

I still prefer the photos that the Pixel 3 takes, but the OnePlus 7T's cameras are good enough. I can easily deal with little nitpicks like too much contrast and some unnecessary processing on certain photos for the OnePlus 7T's price tag, good looks, and sheer power. It even has an effective night mode now.

Runners up

Plus iOS 13 has been a mixed bag since its introduction, with a lot of bugs that needed fixing. But as a whole, no other phone can match the iPhone 11 Pro in power, capability and size. The iPhone 11 Pro is the smaller phone to buy and the best running iOS. You want the best smaller phone, or simply the best Apple phone, then the iPhone 11 Pro is fantastic, but comes at a considerable cost.

OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up camera and triple lens setup

Think the OnePlus 7T looks different to other phones? instead of along the top of the screen like almost all other camera apps; but I digress. Under ideal conditions it can pinpoint the location of your phone. app due to lack of time and there is already an excellent review and howto.

Full review: iPhone 11 Pro review: the best small phone available. The 6. You should get about three years of software support from release from Samsung, although the company is usually slower than Google and OnePlus to deliver big Android version updates. The rear triple camera is good allowing you to zoom from 0.

The selfie camera pokes straight though the screen and is one of the better ones on the market. Performance is good but battery life is a bit weak, lasting a day of usage but not much more. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor mounted under the display has proved to be a bit slow and finickity over time, which can be annoying.


A big screen Android experience in a relatively small phone is the main selling point, but the good camera, performance and looks help too. Buy if: you want a good balance of screen and phone size without breaking the bank.

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Full review: Samsung Galaxy S10 review: the sweet spot. The best camera on a phone is the Huawei P30 Pro by some margin. The 20MP 0. A 3D depth-sensing time-of-flight sensor rounds out the modules on the back. Remarkable levels of zoom aside, the P30 Pro also has low-light performance that instantly turns night into day without having to wait for a couple of seconds of capture. The rest of the phone is excellent, too, with stunning colour options.

The large 6. The curved edges keep the width of the phone to a narrow Plus the battery charges super fast and has wireless charging and power sharing.

OnePlus 7T: First 10 Things to Do!

Huawei is still facing sanctions from the US as part of the US-China trade war , which makes its future uncertain. The camera is game-changing in meaningful, not gimmick-filled ways, while the rest of the phone is excellent.

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Full review: Huawei P30 Pro review: game-changing camera, stellar battery life. Pound for pound the OnePlus 7T offers the best performance, design and experience than any other smartphone. New for the 7T is a 90Hz refresh rate, which like its bigger sibling the 7T Pro , makes even the mundane silky smooth.

It also lasts a good 31 hours on a charge, and its OxygenOS 10 Android software is fast and slick. OnePlus guarantees two years of software updates and an additional year of bi-monthly security updates from the release date of the phone too. It even has the fastest and best in-display fingerprint scanner currently available, which is as good as the best dedicated capacitive sensors, good haptics and dual-sim support for having two mobile phone network connections at the same time. A great 90Hz screen, excellent software and the best performance, in-display fingerprint scanner and a good camera mean you have to spend significantly more to get a better phone than this.

Full review: OnePlus 7T review: the new cut-price flagship king. Smartphones are rated by screen size measured on the diagonal in inches. The bigger the number the larger the phone, but different phones use different ratios of height to width. How easy it is to handle comes down to the width of the phone and its weight.

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The narrower and lighter it is, the easier it is to hold in one hand and the less likely you are to drop it. What is commonly called the processor in a phone is actually a system-on-a-chip combining the processor, graphics and other essential systems into one. Generally the newer the processor the more powerful and battery efficient it will be. Samsung, Huawei and Apple make their own, while Qualcomm is the largest supplier to other brands at the high end, with its Snapdragon 8-series range at the top.

The RAM memory is where your apps and processes are stored when in use, so the you more your phone has the better, up to a point.