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Huawei Mate 20: All you need to know

You'll see which interface you currently have, and the updates that are pending.

If you don't see any, try refreshing the page, or restarting your phone. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Huawei EMUI 10 Android skin update is available but some phones can't download it Here's everything you need to know about Huawei's software update.

Alison DeNisco Rayome. What features does EMUI 10 include? This will present a list of all installed apps. Any can be selected to 'locked' which will require a verified fingerprint to open said app. Follow the process and you'll be up and running in under a minute. On the Mate 20 Pro this will wake the device upon pick up and can unlock the phone by verified face — even in the dark. Hide sensitive files: It's possible to create a hidden gallery called File Safe.


Secure second login: If you want a secure second login space, setup as a different user, this is possible using PrivateSpace. The accounts are totally separate — email, Google Play, and so forth won't be accessible from the same account across both, they're individually setup. Useful for personal and business account use.

App Twin. Only supported apps — and only those you have installed — will show in this list. The usual trio of Android softkeys — back, home, recent apps — is the default setup. Motion Control: There are three options that can be independently switched on, off or adjusted for deeper customisation:.

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By using a hard knuckle to write on the screen rather than a softer finger, a second layer of commands can be instructed:. Screen record: Capture your screen in real-time. Activated by tapping two knuckles twice on the screen or pressing-and-holding the power button and volume up key not volume down as this will take a static screenshot. What is HiTouch? This is Huawei's contextual shopping concept.


When activated, two thumbs pressed on screen will capture what's on screen — Google Lens style — identify it and then open Amazon Assistant this app has to be installed to go shop for the item. Problem is, it doesn't work very well at all. Desktop mode. Yes, the Mate 20 Pro can project to a screen, like a full-on computer. Alert notifications are useful, but you won't want to necessarily receive them all the time from every app.

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Notifications can be individually dismissed, by swiping them away, but you can also setup an individual app's level of notifications too. Select the relevant app from the list of all those installed, then Notifications management. Within here there are options to control:.

You can schedule DND, add additional time rules custom, per day , event rules from calendar , or allow alarms and priority interruptions only. If this is absent, select the edit icon it's a pencil up top and drag DND into your active shade shortcuts. This pop-up has a settings cog to its bottom, hit this to open the other individual settings to adjust for ringtone, media and alarms separately. Turn off Power consumption alert per app: This is located within individual app settings. Switching this off will stop the "! Charge a Qi wireless device from the Mate 20 Pro: Yep, you can place another wireless charging phone or device back-to-back with the Mate 20 Pro to pull some power from it.

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It will remain active for three minutes before deactivating. We just wish it was better located, like an option within the settings shade. There are four battery modes:.

Part 2: How to Track Someone's Huawei Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Select individual or batch select apps, where auto, secondary and run-in-background settings can be disabled individually. Show battery percentage remaining: This is hidden, once within the Battery settings hit the settings cog to the top right. Select Battery percentage and choose whether it does not show, shows next to battery icon, or inside battery icon. Lower the resolution: There's a prompt to access this from within the Battery settings. See display tips, below. Auto-adjust resolution: Select the Smart resolution option to only deply higher resolution as and when the phone sees fit.

Two sliders control this, with a real-time example, so you can setup the scale to your preference. Huawei's push into triple camera technology has evolved from P20 Pro to Mate 20 Pro. The Mate is higher resolution and does away with the monochrome sensor that was once this camera's big sell.

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The Pro's three rear cameras comprise:.