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I thought I was paranoid but now I’m 100% sure our phones are listening to us – and I’ve got proof
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When I record video in the native camera app the music stops ffs! XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer?

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Listen to millions of Arabic and International tracks Why Huawei Music? can also crop the songs from your local library and place as ringtone on your phone. Use music as a social language to connect mobile phones and play the same song at the same time. Surrounded by the music, enjoy you and your friends'party​.

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Lolpoppa OP Oct Developers have exploited the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 to get root access on the Snapdragon models January 31, Unofficial LineageOS Memorigi is a beautiful to-do list app that helps you plan and organize your life January 25, Thanks Meter : Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Thanks Meter : 2, Join Date: Joined: Aug OP Senior Member. Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Oct Attached Thumbnails. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Android Apps and Games. Android Software Development. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Does Google keep a log of everything you say? And if so, what can you do about it? If you have a certain setting enabled on your phone, saying OK Google will cause it to listen for a command. Before you say this wake phrase, your phone is listening for the OK Google hotword, but it is not recording everything you say and uploading it to Google.

Just like with concerns over the Amazon Echo , constantly recording everything a device hears would result in enormous amounts of useless data. Tapping the microphone icon on the search bar or holding the Home button to open Google Assistant will both immediately prompt you for a voice command.

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Read less See everything on widescreen. When you open the app, you'll be prompted to get started with Alexa and have to give the app permission to access the device microphone. Amazon truly wants Alexa to be ubiquitous and available everywhere. Threads from Instagram They also have unique features and data like the Laughable Artist Graph that shows how audiences overlap for top comedians and podcasters. SoundSeeder Music Player Premium 2. Another useful tool is their sync option that lets you pick up where you left off on another device.

What Google does record are the voice commands you say to your phone. Google provides a portal for you to view all your interactions with its services. This includes voice recordings of your interactions with Google Assistant. Click Details under an entry to see when it occurred, then choose View recording to hear it. By default, this page bundles close events together. Click a bundle to expand it if necessary, or choose Item view at the top-left to see them all individually. If you like, you can also go further after changing this. The first is to turn off the OK Google detection on your phone, which you can do by performing the following:.

Previously, it still would when you had the Google app open, but in our testing it did not respond even with Google search open or on the home screen. Plus, Google can still keep voice data if you search by voice in Chrome. To pause voice history for your entire Google account, perform the following steps:.

Doing this will limit Google from storing voice-related functions with your account, which is your objective in the first place. Once you do this, you should also delete the past recordings Google has kept. Be aware that doing this will delete all web activity connected to your Google account, not just voice recordings. To delete past activity:. Google now allows you to automatically delete activity after a certain amount of time has passed. This reduces the amount of information the company keeps about you without you having to do it manually all the time.

On the same Google My Activity page, click Choose to delete automatically. This lets you choose to delete your activity after three months, 18 months, or only when you delete it manually. If you left voice data enabled, keep in mind that this will remove all web activity, not just voice recordings. That is, of course, unless Google was breached. Google explains that it uses your voice activity to help you get better results across its products, in ways like:.

This is all useful, but a giant corporation keeping records of what you say is nonetheless concerning. Or Is It Just Coincidence? Your phone has a built-in microphone, but is it listening to you? Is your smartphone sharing your secrets with Google or Facebook? Read More.

Unless you turn off Google Assistant, you can still enjoy its benefits even without using your voice. This lets you type out a command for Google Assistant. It will respond just like if you had spoken it. No Google, no problem. Here's a guide to going Google-free on your Android device to regain privacy.

How Do I Listen to My Google Recordings?

Your email address will not be published. I turned off the microphone - Th for advice but I wanted to know if you can get rid of the icon on the Google search bar as my fat fingers keep hitting it and it still goes to the "listening "screen? Another useless article.

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If nothing is saved, then how come I can mention any type of activity or celebrity, and days later I'm getting flooded with ads about what was talked about over dinner while my phone was in my pocket? Foolish person says recording everything will result in enormous amount of useless data.

Well, Google can easily convert voice to text and an hour long speech will not take more than kb of data just in plain text. Google does record your voice in text form but as far as I think they use the data for advertisment purposes.

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You think that changing the permissions is going to help? Google arent constrained by their own permissions api. Its nuts to think they are. They wrote the api that develpoers use but they have access at all levels because they wrote a lot of the code for android. Infact, a lot is not available to the public to access.

Funnily enough, those bits are always where id put my hooks as a programmer to get what i need.

How To Download & Install Offline FM Radio App APK on Infinix Note 5/Stylus Without Root

They have root access to devices, and the filesystem. Ive looked deeply into a lot of google code and processes and so many dont make sense unless they are for what they apparently dont do. As a programmer reading their terms i see what is important to them and how they structure their data. They are fooling the uk government which isnt hard with a system of data collection that makes no sense as to the purpose they provide. The uk information commissioner doesnt understand his own job well enough to be able to understand what i put to them.

Christ, read their terms. Their tireless omissions speak volumes about how they collect data and why the facade of privacy doesnt bother them but covers them from further inspection. They have strange processes that make no sense except to gather information. They dont want information thats less specific than other forms.

They survive off data as their business.

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They dont give you the option not to share.