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Post Top Ad. Meizu X8 Arrives in the Philippines for Php17, After months of waiting, Meizu has officially dropped the Meizu X8 in the Philippines, making it one of the most affordable Snapdragon equipped smartphones in the local market.

Just like other devices, Meizu mounted it with a notch to house its selfie snapper, and earpiece. Under the hood, the handset is packed with a bit 10nm Snapdragon octa-core processor clocked at 2.

The Meizu X8 is now available in the Philippines, and is priced at just Php17, I would agree that the Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro series of phones are currently the best in that price range certainly a better all round device than the Huawei. Massive battery, decent processor, stable and smooth software, and a camera that punches far above it's weight. If the App stopped working..

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Rooted means total access to the phone's OS which would allow you to adjust security and remove apps. Samsung E5's are not rooted. Over the years, I have tested many Chinese phones including the Elephone and Ulephone. The issue is they never update the OS or security. If you have a problem, they are impossible to service outside of China.

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IMO, not a great investment. I have 3 Xiaomi Mi A1's in our house bought one for Daughter and was so impressed got one as work phone and one for Son, stock android is great and phones are often mistaken for iphone 7, all have been flawless.

Spy Shots the back of Meizu MX5 Pro:

Huawei without compare. Feature rich, great cams and performance. Get hands on at PowerBuy, then look for best price online.

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Returns accepted. AnTuTu v6 - Total Score sort by value. The Meizu X8 that is going to hit the market in the nearest future as well. More resolution means sharper and crisper screen. Oukitel U23 Chrome As noted earlier, these are details to be taken with extreme caution. Everybody is spying on everybody, but the USA only condones it when they are the ones doing it.

Not so with Huawei. Android OS and system updates regularly. Own 1 now and 1 previously and both impressive. Will buy again when needed. Gave the first one to a friend in need and it's still going strong.

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Perhaps so.. This may or may not be true. While I value privacy and abhor spying and invasions of such The USA has become a paranoid propaganda machine. However, we do know that the USA spies on it own citizens and it's allies.


I KNOW this from personal experience, not to mention they have been exposed and admitted it. RE: Edward Snowden and Wikileaks. Everybody is spying on everybody, but the USA only condones it when they are the ones doing it. I'll take my chances.

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Ill be in pattaya in a couple of weeks and will sell my s7 galaxy edge. Pm me if interested.

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