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How to find or track my P smart. If you need to locate a Huawei P smart lost or stolen to find it or recover it you can do it in several ways: 1- Through your Google​. Android Device Manager from Google helps you locate your phone if you've lost it. You can view the current location of your phone on a map, make it ring, make.

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Features the following sensors: 3-axis acceleration sensor, Infrared wear sensor, Optical heart rate sensor. Strap width: 17mm. Weight: 24g including strap. Up to 6 days of battery life on a single charge may vary depending on usage. Requires a smartphone with Android 4.

The fact is that a very large portion of support requests that we get is from Huawei phones and in a lot of those, we have actually identified problems that are specific to Huawei as their implementation of some portions of the Android OS is buggy. I have a Xiaomi Red Mi prime 4. Thank you for your continuous support to one of my favorite apps. All the best. S8 and apparently also some older phones? Hello, we are not telling you to buy a new phone. Please read the guide — Samsung has some features if you prefer to call them so that clash with the intended use of our app.

We are providing a workaround. How can I switch off the annoying warning message about how the alarm might not work on my phone? A quick Google seems to indicate that you need developer mode for this. Hi, we are unable to guarantee precise instructions for a large number of phones. The rule of thumb is to exclude Sleep as Android from any power saving features your phone might have. I turned off battery savings mode and even restricted battery saving of all the apps , but still my resume note 4 is not tracking sleep. Thank you very much. I once tried to have as much battery saving active as possible and tested for a week.

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My result was that my phone could probably last a full month with one battery cycle. I think the Stamina mode should have a warning attached to it, because it is very useful, but can also be destructive. Hi there! Can you help please! Hi, please contact us at support urbandroid.


I found your comments about phone brands quite funny :p. Thank you for the app! Most people here dont have any idea what they are complaining about… Even taking it on you. Read the article before you start bashing the guy who only tries to help. As well as to see how often I move in my sleep and what stage of sleep I stay in most of the time. It gives a lot of great data that my provider and I have been able to use to help improve my insomnia! So thanks for everything you do and the constant changes you are making to the app so that it works for other people and functions better.

Is there something else I should do? I got one successful recording on the past few weeks. It was without my watch. Seems like that could help. Recently from 6th of December tracking on my phone has stopped.

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It is highly frustrating. I also use the Mi Band 2, and the wearable app is installed. Please sort me out. Ive sent the Debug Log, however, no resolution was reached upon. Mail id : shenoyenator gmail.

Are there any other instructions or a tutorial? So far so good. Love what I can do with app. Will buy soon. Skip to content. Start Device care from phone settings 2. Tap Battery 3. Disable all toggles except Notifications 5. Tap Sleeping apps 6. Wake up all the apps using the trashcan icon. Otherwise Samsung will put your apps back to sleep after a few days 3 by default even if you have woken them up manually! Please still follow the steps below - Huawei phones usually have multiple powersaving mechanisms. Also, you may not have PowerGenie on your phone, but your apps may still get killed by another mechanism.

Search for Your app and tap to enable.

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Make sure Your app is on the list. MacroDroid example task Tasker example task. Thank in advance Patrice Gailleux Loading Hello Gailleux, yes it does, we are getting reports from people who are using it. The wording in this article is unprofessional. Thanks for the remark. What exactly do you perceive as unprofessional? What a dumb fucking comment. The Huawei instructions are outdated. Thank you for feedback, in which way are they outdated? We have no access to emui here… Loading Yes, please update the instructions to solve the problem.

Huawei P9 Lite Loading Oh, and I have a Pixel XL. Thanks, added! Please, seems to be Xiaomi instructions are also outdated.

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At least for Xiaomi Mi 5 Loading Thank you very much Loading Hi Jiri! Thanks for your guidance on oneplus. Got mine working now.