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How To Set Up Samsung Galaxy S10 Parental Controls

Tap the setting, and you can pick from a variety of fun options:. Turn your smartphone into a ticking time bomb: OK, not really , but if you tap on Secure lock settings, you can pick how long your phone should wait before automatically locking once the screen turns off. Adjust your Always On Display to make it You can also set it to always display this information—your poor battery—or stay on during scheduled times. Pretty up your lock screen: Tap on Dynamic Lock screen to give it some style.

You can pick from rotating images of landscapes, life, food, pets, or art. Give yourself a secure folder to hide things in: If you want a bit more security for certain apps and data, you can use the Secure Folder option to create a little protected storage space on your device. Anyone using your phone will need to authenticate as you via whatever locking method you want in order to access its contents, and you can even hide the folder itself on your Apps screen for extra safekeeping.

Pin apps to the screen when you let your friends use your phone: I love this feature.

Track mobile phone location, How to - Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Tap Shortcuts to modify the various apps and features that appear whenever you remove your S Pen from the smartphone. Create fun automations on your device: Open up Bixby Routines if you want to create triggers and other fun automations on your device. Receive phone calls and texts on other Samsung devices: If you have other Samsung devices, enable this feature to ensure that you can also make and receive calls and messages on them.

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Delete screenshots after you share them: If you take a lot of screenshots on your device—I know I do—then tap on Screenshots and screen recorder. Tap the side key three times to alert your emergency contacts that you might be in danger; you can also elect to automatically send pictures and audio recordings of whatever is happening to provide them as much context as possible. Tough love. Automatically close your apps or restart your phone on a schedule: Tap on Device care, and then tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner.

Tap on Auto optimization to ensure your phone is running its little storage- and memory-clearing routine each day. If you have having a bunch of stuff open on your recent apps list, you can also have your phone close everything so you start fresh each morning.

Tap on Auto restart in that drop-down menu, and you can even have your device restart at a set time—well, within a one-hour window of a set time—each day. And you thought we were done when we finished with the official Settings app. There are still plenty more configuration options buried on your device that are absolutely worth knowing about.

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Long-press on your home screen, swipe to the right, and disable it. Here, you can turn on Motion photos—turning simple single shots into tiny videos that capture what happened right before you took your picture. You should also tap on Advanced recording options and enable High efficiency video, to save as much space as humanly possible on your device.

Pull up the phone app and tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner. From there, tap on Settings. Turn it on, and your device will use the Hiya service to try to let you know who is calling and whether or not it might be spam. It sure beats having to deal with robocall crap all the time.

After that, tap on Emergency alerts and enable or disable whatever you want. The A. David Murphy. Filed to: galaxy note I came across an incorrect Fitbit compatibility page once that said the the S10 supported MobileTrack. Like I said, this is an incorrect page. I do not believe that any current Samsung phones support MobileTrack. Take a look at the Fitbit help site for further assistance and information. LZeeW , thanks for stopping by.

I'm sorry for my delayed response.

1. Take the time to set it up

In addition to performance across all major mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows , Arrow receivers are universal Bluetooth compatible, providing unmatched connectivity capabilities. We also suggest getting a case for your expensive Galaxy S10 to protect it from bumps and bruises. I suggest turning on all options associated with the feature as well. Share guide via email Share guide via email. Find " Email ".

LZeeW , thanks for bringing this to my attention. Hope to see you around! Welcome to the Community Forums. Thanks for letting me know that your dad isn't able to setup MobileTrack.

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To work on this together, first make sure the Fitbit app is updated on his phone. Then, give a try to the following steps one more time:. If the issue persists, take a screenshot of what is displayed on the Fitbit app after going to the setup a device screen and attach it in your reply so I can take a deeper look. It did briefly but.

Has anyone solved this issue or is it a bug? Or even a mistake on the website that says its compatible. About your inquiry, you should be able to set up MobileTrack in the Fitbit app. Just note that you can 't use this function in addition to a Fitbit tracker.

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Meaning that there shouldn't be any tracker or watch paired to your account so the MobileTrack can appear in the set up screen. If you don't have a Fitbit linked in the Fitbit app and you're still having issues to add it, please take a screenshot of what is displayed on the Fitbit app to further investigate. So the websites is not consistent, if this is indeed where you got this text and doesn't explain why I could use it with previous android devices in the galaxy range if your advice is correct. For the record I also unpaired my flex2 I didn't need to do this previously and the option to pair a mobile tracker still doesn't appear.

So unfortunately that hasn't solved My problem, I also cleared my data cache and reinstalled the app a couple of times. It had a layout like an Excel spreadsheet, but had Fitbit's logo and color scheme and was definitely a Fitbit site. I searched with every possible keyword I can think of, but can't find it.

In the past, I made a comment that almost no modern Samsung phones support MobileTrack. That site is where I got my information. I can't see the mobile tracker option under setup a device on an existing acct. But as a new user, Mobile Tracker shows up. So if I forget my Fitbit at home, I have to unlinked it to my account to use mobile tracking?

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That makes no sense If this is the case, then I am definitely moving on from Fitbit and getting a Samsung watch, I know that will be compatible with my Samsung phone. I am having the same problem and it's quite frustrating. I recently upgraded from a Samsung galaxy S8 to an S My S8 used to track my steps on my phone app on days when I wasn't wearing my Ionic but I noticed that my S10 wasn't tracking my steps when not wearing my Ionic so I contacted Fitbit, they advised unpairing from MobileTrack and re-pairing but after doing so there's not even a MobileTrack option on the app, I'm not sure of the next step, if any, to solve this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cleared cache, uninstalled the app, rebooted, reinstalled. Mobile track is not an option in the device's list. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. Report this post Message 1 of I don't see my device..

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Track Cell Phone Activity: Call After that, on the Setup. How-to > Android Track> 3 Ways to Track Samsung Galaxy S10 Live Location Apart from tracking someone's location, this mobile GPS location tracker also lets tap the link to activate your account, then follow the Setup Wizard to complete.