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This post was edited by 3dr14n at , Oct You are basically testing on two different configs that's why you have different results. Do you even know the version of Geekbench that you used before, the version of the apps, which one's autostarting, how data do you have in gallery? If you couldn't keep track of those then you shouldn't expect the same result. I told you to factory reset in order to eliminate any configuration differences. If you still ponder upon the differences in results on your current setup and you still don't want to factory reset, then basically, you're creating your own problem.

You basically thought that benchmarks were like: install, ignore all variables no time for those lolz , "press the button", then be surprised that the results were different. Maybe POCO can implement a benchmark mode just to cater to these type of mindset. Just like how other smartphones does by cheating on benchmarks to get high scores because, hey, that's what user wants to see. I don't play games and don't have any weird apps. Every time you do a benchmark the phone components die a little if you keep repeating that i doubt your phone will boot up next time it reboots.

Phone is just over a week old WhatsApp and Instagram thus all the parameters are very much the same. My statement still holds true whether you believe it or not.

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Look, benchmark score means nothing if the device work smoothly and fluid in average day-to-day use. Why are you even obsess with the scores may I ask? Does the lower scores impede your usage in such a way that prohibits you to use the phone normally? Or the phone stutters and lags so much even if the scores drop points from the initial test? There are MANY variables that can affect the scores as well as 3dr14n has pointed out. Overtime your phone accumulates stuff and that brings me to my main point.

Does it reaaaaaaaally really affect your day-to-day usage?

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If it does, then sell your phone and get a new one, and repeat the process over again every week. Follow Send PM. Reply Author. Originally Posted by arunphilip. So this is just them trying to avoid paying GST, by not generating a bill? Or is there some further cheating involved? Pocophone F1 might get Widevine L1 support soon Google limits Pixel 3 wireless charging rate to standard 5W for [most] third-party charging pads Source: Android Police Quote:. Google limits Pixel 3 wireless charging rate to standard 5W for [most] third-party charging pads.

Swapped my father's Iphone 5S for the Nokia 6. At 16K on the Nokia store even cheaper when available on Flipkart sales this one seems is terrific value for money.

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Earlier finding any accessories for the Nokia 8 and 6. This time around I could find a good cover for a Nokia on amazon and a screen guard at the local store, so the market seems to have started warming up to Nokia. The display was water damaged. The service center did not have a display in stock. Had to wait for a week to get the display shipped and replaced.

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Audigy 2 driver. Driver for tablet Digma. Emu m pci driver windows The router is zyxel keenetic lite 2 firmware. OLX does not police station saying cover treatment for cancer wires the amount, they and cheat gullible cus- participate or interfere that the mobile was a medical oncology, surgical A constable committed suicide find. Flipcart is their official site and products are being sold on a particular day and time.

So looks like the cost of replacement is similar for the two phones. Originally Posted by manson. How is Mi A2? Any reviews, feedback would be helpful I have used xiaomi phones - redmi note 3, redmi note 4x. Both were supported by a strong developer community and getting stock android was not tough. Headphone jack is important but I think quick charging can help juggle between headphones and charging.

Poco F1 is also an option given that xiaomi has lured all the developers with a free handset.

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However, am not sure if bumping up the budget is worth it given my usage is limited to flashing roms, mods, listening to music, calls, sms, telegram, whatsapp and an occasional photo. Last edited by lordvader : 24th October at I had not opted for that. However, my colleague who had opted for that cover had a liquid damage to his display and he said that liquid damaged display is not covered with that addon. He had to pay for it. Only breakage of the screen is covered due to impact. Can you please check the clause once?

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If it covered liquid damage then i lost a lot of money and my friend got taken for a ride. Originally Posted by neoonwheels. Last edited by vsrivatsa : 24th October at The Poco F1 was delivered today by Flipkart. Last edited by vsrivatsa : 25th October at Mustang crashes into truck driver shows no remorse. Thank you for offering 16 Tata Altroz cars to us!

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