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Huawei EMUI 10 update: What's new and when will it come to your phone?

This is one of the components people use the most and it is full of surprises, especially now that artificial intelligence is taking over smartphones. Introduced on the Mate 10 Pro and View 10 with the Kirin NPU , AI helps to optimize the photographic experience when you choose the best settings and modes, depending on your needs.

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Do you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone? What other tricks would you add to the list? You can share them with us here! These tricks are available with Android 9. I want back the little grey man to the right of the buttons at the base of the screen. It seems to have mysteriously disappeared.

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Specific function and connection were developed to run smoothly your smart watch newly updated. Select the United Kingdom as the country. This website may be accessed throughout Malaysia and overseas. It connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth and then the user can manage the smartwatch through the Huawei Health app available to download. Steps to follow:

So useful for screen lock, power off etc. Any ideas? Wow, apply to my new P20 Pro. Actually, I did not try to test them all, I'll take them aloud. Thank you very much. I have some apps with names in chinease, other with names not relatrd to their function. Is there a way to change names under icons? Lates H20 pro mate. Don't want to be a spoilsport, but the beautiful thing about a launcher is that when you get a new device, instead of a three-week learning curve for all the OEM's eccentric "innovations" you just install the launcher you had on the old phone, set it up how you like, and you're off and running.

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Important: There may be slight differences between an Honor device and a Huawei device. Modify Quick settings : lower the drop-down menu and tap on the pencil icon. Adapt your smartphone to your needs. In this section you can reorganize your apps, even by shaking your smartphone to realign them. Customize wallpapers, widgets, and transitions. Adjust the text size according to your preferences.


Speed up interactions with your device Not all the options offered by a device are useful. Find files in no time : swipe down from the home screen and you will see the search bar appear. Call a contact from the off-screen : press and hold the volume key and say the name of the contact after the beep. Wake up Google Assistant : hold down the home button and use the voice command remember to activate it first from the Google app. Activate the quick launcher : from the unlock screen, swipe up and down to access the recorder, flashlight, calculator, timer and camera.

A swipe is all it takes to access the quick launcher.

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Security Locking your device with a PIN, password, sequence, fingerprint reader or face recognition will help you protect your data. With Private Space you can access two "worlds" in the same device! Activate Pro mode : open the camera app.

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Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone. Press Files. Start a file manager on your computer. Go to the required folder in the file system of your computer or mobile phone. Highlight a file and move or copy it to the required location. Please enable JavaScript for better browser functionality.

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My data and bills. I need help with. Step by step instructions. Ask the Community. Set up your mobile phone. Select settings. Step 1 of 5 Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 5 Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone.

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Huawei Nova 2i Android (Nougat) This leading tracking software gives parents the power to remotely monitor their child's online communications, track. In this article you will find 3 best ways on how to track your Huawei P30/P20/Mate 20/Nova phone's location. Check it out!