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Samsung Galaxy A40 review: Hands on with Samsung’s cheapest Galaxy A

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Available in selected regions for now, the update may soon expand to more countries as well. Major changelog introduced with the update is the added support for Samsung Pay to the Galaxy A40 phone. Further, the software version comes with bug fixes and resolves connectivity issues as well. Samsung Galaxy A40 have previously reported about frequent Phone app crash and the update brings fix to this issue as well.

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If not, follow the rest of our tips! Some common issues as to why your Samsung won't switch on is particular Apps stored may not be compatible with the software of your device.

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Downloaded Applications and programs from sources that are not certified can cause your device to lag and potentially crash. If you normally use your phone in Safe Mode and the overall performance works well, this could be an indication of a third-party program causing this problem.

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To power the Safe Mode feature: Press down the power button and wait for the Samsung logo to appear on the screen. Once the Samsung logo appears, release the power button then hold down the volume button. Once the device powers on, the home screen all be shown and at the bottom of your screen, the Safe Mode will appear. A simple way to tackle this issue would be to perform a soft reset on your device in the unlikely event of your phone being responsive. To do this, hold down both the volume and power button for approximately 10 seconds.

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This will reboot your device. To force reset your device, hold both the volume and power button at the same time again for 10 seconds.

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Read our Galaxy A40 review to see what Samsung is offering with this mid-range This is the most recent version of the software you find on Galaxy phones;. Find out what's good, what's not, and whether the Samsung Galaxy A20e meets If you've seen the Galaxy A40 (read our review here), you have basically also seen the does not diverge all that much from its more expensive siblings is the software. Samsung's grasp on form and function impressed me most at Unpack​.

This will disconnect the battery and restore and should bring your phone back to life. But, before visiting us, it is helpful to ensure that you are within warranty with Samsung. They may be able to solve this issue for you! If you still have a warranty with Samsung, repairs may be free, however, if your warranty has ended, this will cost. If your warranty with Samsung has ended, come down to one of our stores where so our team can assess your device.

We would suggest running a diagnostic on your phone initially to ensure issue lies with your hardware. Our team will then quote you on the cost of repair, once this is completed. Here's the Fix! Why won't my Samsung Galaxy turn on? Has it been a while since your Samsung was last switched on with a full battery?

This could be the main issue why your phone isn't turning on. Your phone may just need charging or if this does not work, the battery will need replacing. Has your phone been in contact with water?

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If you have tried all our software tips and you are still struggling to reset your phone, the hardware of your phone could be at fault here and it may be time to pay us a visit! Charge your phone Perhaps the reason why your phone isn't switching on is that it may just be your battery that has run out of juice.