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Don't take anyone at their word — and don't trust that the customer reviews on every site are real. Ask yourself whether you'd be comfortable with it. Those are just some of the stories we've written in the past few years after yet another Android handset's security was found to be wanting: " Chinese Android Phones May Have Built-In Backdoor.

The common thread is that the phones are all classified as "Chinese," which is a little unfair.

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Almost all smartphones are manufactured in China, including phones designed and sold by Apple, Google and Samsung. And some Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei, have good reputations, despite Xiaomi's inclusion in the stories above. That problem has apparently been fixed. But have you heard of Leagoo?

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Most people have not. I wouldn't trust phones made by any of these companies — for all I know, they could be sending my personal information back to a server in China, or contain glaring security flaws that could let an attacker easily hijack the phone or add malware. We've reviewed a couple of its phones and liked them. But most of BLU's phones are actually rebadged versions of phones made by Gionee, which is one of the bigger Chinese device makers you've never heard of. BLU argued against Amazon suspending sales of its devices earlier this week, which was done due to spyware concerns.

Is Xiaomi Secretly Sending User Data to Chinese Servers? (Updated: Xiaomi Responds)

It's debatable whether collecting and transmitting your phone's location data and device information — such as phone number, serial number, SIM card ID and other uniquely identifying information — constitutes spying. After all, that's the same information that your cellular carrier collects as part of its business in order to keep your device running. We believe BLU when its representatives tell us that the company's phones are no longer collecting personal data and that BLU won't switch the feature back on in the future.

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Amazon clearly believes BLU too, because the retail giant is selling the phones again. And we like that BLU, unlike most of the direct-from-China retailers, has a toll-free support number you can call if anything goes wrong. Despite assurances from BLU and other companies that they can be trusted, you should still be skeptical of any brand you haven't heard of before, even when you're lured in by that cheap price.

But it makes little difference to the consumer. But if you don't want to worry about your phone's security, or your privacy, then stick to the better-known brands.

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The specs on these devices may not be as good as what you'll get from the no-name brands, but at least you'll know what you're getting. Already asked Banggood to help out here. Will the updates be a big deal? Been thinking about the PocoPhone but slightly concerned that it is a little old now.

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Shipping Time. Am Store category. This will also delete the app icon making it invisible to the kid or the person being tracked, while still working on the background. I would definitely want access to the Pixel camera app for sure.

But I notice that it is still more expensive than this phone. No sign of Xiaomi losing interest in it yet. The Note 8 basic camera resolution is of course higher, no getting away from it.

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As phones, both work perfectly so not much to talk about there. To be honest, at this point most phones will do the basics. I could do with a somewhat larger screen than my current iPhone 6 and I certainly want decent cameras. Good battery life would also be useful.

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r/Xiaomi: Unofficial Community for All Things Xiaomi! Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro battery explodes in Gurgaon (India) · › Do-Xiaomi-phones-really-spy-on-our-data-questi.

Except that I want it to be supported for a few years. Being in IT and security, I need it to have reasonably fast security patching. Seems like a decent compromise with good storage but not expandable , decent cameras, reasonable performance, USB-C, headphone jack.

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Also, from the teardowns — it seems to have decent water-resistant seals everywhere. Hi Julian — if fast charging is a concern as it always is for me, I personally tend to discount wireless charging though that could well be a dated view, last I checked wireless charging is not as fast or anywhere near as efficient as wired. A link would be nice, I cannot see a GB model at anywhere near that price on Gearbest. Fast charging never been an issue for me. Watch out on that page though. I note that today it is showing the 64GB model, yesterday it was showing the GB version.

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