Was establishing in late 1997. Since 2005, company is family owned business. We are working on export and take part in different projects that are connected with peat.
In 2012 company started peat extraction in peat bog RAU, harvesting Milled peat moss and Block peat.
Latvia had 689,918 hectares of peatlands covering 10,7 % of the country territory. There is a long history of peat utilisation in Latvia and first documentary evidence is from the beginning of the 18th century.

In our history we can find that our best manufacturing per year was 7,3 million tonnes of peat production, but remarkable changes in beginning of 90`s make this number less than 0,65 million tonnes in 1996. This number shows the growing capacity for future.

PEAT EXPORT is able to work as supplier of raw material for factories that are using peat in its production.
PEAT EXPORT is company that offers peat moss in 250 L Bales, Big Bales and Vessel loads in port Riga.
PEAT EXPORT can offer “door” deliveries from peat bog or factory to clients warehouse.
PEAT EXPORT is operating peat bog with area of 180 ha.